Process of a Grisaille cast painting

This is the completed version of my horse ecroche painting.  In total I spent 3 weeks on it, including the drawing stage. It was surprising how fast this painting went, but I feel this was because I had been wanting to study from this sculpture for a year.  I believe, having observed it casually for that period of time aided in its fast development as a painting. 

The following are process photos of my cast painting of an ecroche sculpture of a horse.  From the moment I set foot at Grand Central, I knew I wanted to paint this piece.  So far he has been a fun painting, with minimal bumps along the road.  Thus far the challange has been to keep the global in mind when rendering the subforms, specifically in the serratus anterior and rib cage.  I will most likely reapproach this grouping when the painting is closer to finish, along with punching the highlights, terminator edges, and adjusting the "environment" 

Adjusted the Serratus muscles, My first past wasn't considering the global and therefore they became to contrasting.